Waste Management Chicago’s LampTracker program offers environmentally friendly, safe, and simple solutions for fluorescent bulb recycling, battery recycling, and more for businesses in Chicago and across Illinois.

The prepaid program includes recycling containers, shipping both ways via UPS or FedEx ground, recycling of the wastes, and complete online documentation of every container ordered and recycled. You can even choose to auto-reorder so you’re never stuck with waste in your facility. Containers are available in a variety of sizes and shapes to fit different facilities and needs.

Environmental Sustainability

Fluorescent bulbs are extraordinarily energy efficient when compared to a typical incandescent bulb, using only 20 percent of the electricity and lasting 10 times as long.

One 28-watt bulb (about 100-watt equivalent) in service 8 hours a day can save $20 a year in energy costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 300 lb a year.

But they do contain a small amount of mercury. A billion bulbs will be discarded this year and if not properly managed, just one “low-mercury” bulb can contaminate an acre of water.

Waste Management LampTracker recovers 99.999% of available mercury in fluorescent lamps, closing the loop on this energy efficient product.

Simple online ordering, tracking & documentation

• Prepaid program includes recycling service, LampTracker container, and all shipping to and from your facilities via UPS or FedEx Ground.
• 24/7 password protected online access.
• Complete tracking and documentation of all containers ordered, outstanding and recycled.
• Certificate of recycling emailed to you automatically or accessible online.
• Auto-reorder option for automatic shipment of new container when filled container is received.


Waste Management LampTracker reduces the time, labor, and management costs involved in fluorescent bulb recycling:

One recycler provides nationwide coverage;
Auto-reorder allows you to focus on your business while we keep you in compliance;
There are no transporters to schedule, no call is required for pickup;
Sizes are available to fit any facility and any type of fluorescent bulb;
Illustrated instructions are included with the container;
The waste storage footprint within the facility can be as small as one square foot;
There are no documents to create or generate;
All compliance and transaction documentation is available online, all the time; and,
All facilities nationwide can be monitored online for uninterrupted compliance;


The Federal Universal Waste Rule requires that large quantity generators send hazardous lamps to an approved recycler or treat them as hazardous waste.  In most states, smaller generators are confronted with a variety of rules including required recycling, treatment as hazardous waste and/or landfill restrictions. Any generator of waste lamps can recycle with Waste Management LampTracker and be in compliance with all Federal, State and local regulations.

There is no paperwork to complete. Waste Management handles all required documentation.  A recycling certificate of compliance is sent to the end user via email as soon as the container is received.  All compliance documentation is available online. Password-protected transaction records include all containers ordered, returned, and outstanding by facility.


Mercury, a toxic, naturally occurring substance, is essential to the operation of fluorescent and HID lamps. When bulbs are broken, anyone in the vicinity is at risk of mercury exposure.  Research shows that levels of airborne mercury from broken bulbs can exceed occupational exposure limits.  Chronic, low-level exposure to mercury can affect human health for years after the exposure has ended.

Mercury vapor can pass through cardboard and plastic, but not foil. Patent-pending WM LampTracker Mercury VaporLok® foil-lined containers dramatically reduce the risk of potential mercury exposure and environmental contamination as well as the associated financial risks.

Waste Management LampTracker lamp boxes provide three levels of protection. The easy-to-load inner lamp box protects the bag. The zippered foil bag contains any release of mercury vapor from broken lamps. The white outer shipping box is easy to distinguish within the facility and completes a strong, solid container for waste storage and shipping.  It is the only waste lamp packaging approved for shipment by UPS. Waste Management LampTracker containers have been tested according to ASTM standards for safe storage and transport and are U.S. DOT/United Nations-certified for hazardous waste.

Lamptracker - Fluorescent Bulb and Battery Recycling

Waste Management Chicago's Lamptracker service is an easy, convenient, and cost effective solution for recycling universal waste.