Roll Off Trash Compactors

Waste Management Chicago offers two types of roll off trash compactors.  The two types are stationary trash compactors and self contained trash compactors.
A stationary trash compactor is used for dry waste.  The stationary trash compactor remains on site and the compactor box is detached and emptied at our transfer station.  A stationary compactor is perfect for large retailers, manufacturers, and warehouses.

A self contained trash compactor is ideal for compacting solid wet waste.  The self contained trash compactor and the container are permanently attached.  The roll off truck removes the whole unit (compactor and container) when the unit needs to be emptied.

There are many different options and types of installations available for each trash compactor.  If you have questions regarding options, installations, electrical requirements, and concrete requirements, please contact Waste Management Chicago for assistance. 

Waste Management Chicago offers a variety of commercial trash compactors and roll off trash compactors in Chicago. 

Some of the benefits of using a trash compactor for businesses in Chicago are:

A Trash Compactor can improved your company image - Prevents windblown trash and overflowing containers
A Trash Compactor can reduce collection costs
A Trash Compactor can reduce unauthorized dumping into your containers
A Trash Compactor can control odors
A Trash Compactor can reduce rodent issues
A Trash Compactor can help reduce wear and tear on parking surfaces

Below are images of commercial and roll off trash compactors. 

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a site visit to possibly install a trash compactor,                                                       please feel free to contact  Waste Management Chicago.     

Commercial Trash Compactors
Apartment Trash Compactors are perfect for hotels, office buildings, and condominium buildings.

Vert-I-Pack Trash Compactors are perfect for shopping plazas, restaurants, fast food businesses, and more where space is limited and wet waste is minimal. 

Trash Compactors from Waste Management Chicago