Waste Management Chicago offers single stream recycling service programs to businesses in Chicago.

Waste Management was the first major solid waste company to focus on Single-stream recycling services, which allows customers to commingle recyclable paper and mixed containers in one bin for collection. The convenience of single-stream recycling service greatly increases participation and recovery.

Single-stream recycling service is made possible through the use of various mechanized screens and optical sorting technologies. With single-stream recycling services well under way in residential applications, Waste Management Chicago is advancing the same easy recycling services for other commercial applications.

Waste Management Chicago is proud to provide specialized recycling services that strengthen our communities, protect our land and improve our quality of life.Waste Management Chicago's Single Stream Recycling provides an easy recycling program for condominiums, restaurants, and office buildings in Chicago. Please contact Waste Management for a list of items which are generally accepted as recyclable materials in single stream recycling services program.

If you are a condominium, restaurant, office building, or business interested in starting a recycling program in Chicago, please contact Waste Management Chicago for your Chicago recycling service needs.

Waste Management Chicago creates recycling programs that give you the best of both worlds. By recycling more material and diverting a higher percentage of waste, you can potentially lower your overall disposal cost and reduce the environmental footprint.